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Lisa’s HR Outsourcing Experience

Why did you choose G&A?

“We chose G&A because the person we had bought the company had just started using G&A… when I realized the amount of time that was needed and having gotten such good assistance from G&A we realized for the amount we are paying, it was well worth it.”

How has G&A helped you meet your business goals?

“They’ve been really good with assisting us, as we did just purchase an existing there can be personnel issues. We did have a situation where a person had to be terminated… it was very helpful to have someone to talk to.”

How would you describe G&A’s service?

“For us, it’s like having our own personnel payroll office… I don’t think businesses realize how much of a headache it can be if you don’t handle it properly…. A lot of companies are realizing now that you need to focus on your expertise and outsource those functions that can detract from what you really need to be focusing on.”

Which G&A service has been most beneficial?

“Basically it’s the service of acting as a personnel payroll office… Any questions that they have on a day-to-day basis, G&A takes care of… They are there to help you, they can come in to do training if you want… All the things that you have to do that people sometimes forget about, they take care of.”

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