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Client Story: First Service Credit Union

Credit Union Finds a Proactive HR Partner

David Bleazard, the president and CEO of First Service Credit Union, shares how G&A Partners helps him provide a better employment experience for his team.


“G&A leads; they’re not reactive at all – they’re proactive, and that allows me to be proactive with my employees. There’s enough unknowns in life, and so the more certain you can make the environment for your employees, the more comfortable they will be, the more relaxed they will be, and the more focused on your own business they will be.”

As the CEO of a nonprofit, full-service financial institution, David knew that the best way to take care of his customers was to find a partner that would enable him to take great care of his employees.

By combining expert HR solutions with easy-to-use technology and support from a dedicated account team, G&A Partners was able to help David create a work environment that empowers his employees to work more efficiently and productively while also providing them with the peace of mind that comes with having a quality, affordable benefits package.

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