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Don’s HR Outsourcing Experience

“That’s what I recommend to the other folks that have a business like mine. If you want to spend a lot of your time doing payroll and worrying about taxes and tax deposits, you can. Otherwise, you can outsource it and spend your time doing your business and making your business successful.”

How does G&A compare to your last PEO?

It’s imperative that when we get a certificate of insurance… it gets taken care of in a matter of hours, not days. G&A has stepped up and taken care of us.

How would you describe G&A’s service?

I describe their service as being part of an ease, it makes it easy to do business by making it possible to focus your time on the things that matter in your business.

How has G&A helped you grow?

It makes it easy to grow when I’m adding new employees, training new employees – I have all the documents I need to pass right off to them.

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