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Client Story: Greenstar Products

A veteran, minority-owned business expands from five to 50 employees with G&A Partners  

Tom Wright, the President and Chief Operating Officer for GreenStar Products, started his search for an HR partner in 2010. He chose G&A Partners. Now, a decade later, his business has grown from five to 50 employees and has expanded into India, Mexico, and Brazil. 

Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, GreenStar offers a variety of services, from actual lighting hardware to photometric analysis advice on proper lighting applications and smart technologies. The company’s entire team is dedicated to delivering outstanding quality, innovative products, and excellent customer service. 

With growth comes the need for more professional services to attract employees, and G&A does it all,” Wright says.  

GreenStar relies on G&A’s world-class human resources, risk management and payroll administration teams to stay in compliance with ever-changing legislation and to manage employee-related issues. The company also takes advantage of the benefit plans and multilingual services offered by G&A to attract and retain the best employees, no matter their geographic location.   

GreenStar employees work in the manufacturing industry, handling sensitive electrical devices and using large equipment. That’s why Wright says “having a safety partner to guide and support us and keep us current with [OSHA] regulations is critical.”   

“The partnership with G&A allows us to remain agile and not waste resources or time,” he says. 

If you are a small business owner, remember to look beyond the tedious employee management tasks and focus on the mission and goals of your company. Let G&A alleviate some of the weight from your shoulders and give you the opportunity and the “Time to Grow.” 

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