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Client Story: Angler Construction, Bayou City Angler

HR Expertise Helps Entrepreneur Pursue His Passion

Torrey Hawkins, the president of Angler Construction and Bayou City Angler, shares how G&A Partners helped him improve operational efficiency so that he could realize his dream of opening a specialty fly fishing shop.

“The most valuable asset that anybody has is their time. I’m not an HR expert. I’m not a health insurance expert. I want to build buildings and run a fly shop [with] my time…They allow us to free up those resources to focus on those things we need to do to run our business successfully.”

As the founder and owner of Angler Construction, Torrey had already proved he had the business acumen and expertise to run a successful company. But he knew he didn’t have the in-depth knowledge of HR, benefits, payroll, and all the other things business owners have to think about when they add employees.

Engaging G&A Partners gave Torrey access to an entire team of HR, benefits, and payroll experts without having to bear the overhead of an in-house HR department. This allowed him to free up capital to chase his dream of opening Bayou City Angler, Houston’s only specialty fly fishing shop, as well as provide the employees of both his businesses with access to affordable benefits from top-tier carriers.

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