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How To Keep Recruiting Competitive During A Talent Shortage

With talent in such high demand, candidates have more leverage than years past

The key to weathering a talent shortage is getting creative, says G&A Partners recruiting expert Eleesha Martin

Eleesha Martin, Recruiting Manager, G&A Partners
Eleesha Martin

Here’s some food for thought: The last time unemployment was this low (the national average in October was 3.6 percent), the year was 1969, gas was 35 cents per gallon, and we were celebrating the first moon landing.

Since then, the labor market has been steadily shifting in favor of employers. As skilled talent has become scarcer, however, this dynamic has “flipped” so that more power resides with candidates as employers struggle to keep positions filled.

HR Dive recently spoke with five HR and recruiting experts – including G&A Partners’ own recruiting manager, Eleesha Martin – to hear how real businesses are dealing with the talent shortage. Below are the top takeaways from Martin’s interview.

Candidates are in a better position to be “pickier” than usual

“It’s been an employer’s market for all these years, but now that it’s flipped, the candidates are able to be picky. They’re able to ask for salaries that, a few years ago, they wouldn’t be able to ask for. Because they’re in such high demand, they’re able to call the shots.”

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The talent shortage isn’t affecting all positions equally

“With some of our lower-level positions, it’s easier to get a talent pool. We can post for that role and get hundreds of resumes. Looking for a payroll tax accountant, for example, where the market is really niche, that’s where we have somewhat of a challenge.”

Technology can provide a competitive recruiting edge

“We recently added a chatbot to our careers page, so if someone clicks on that page, they’re immediately engaged with a chatbot to find out their initial interest. From there, the candidates can get scheduled for a 15-minute conversation with one of my team members. They may not have applied for a job, but just because they clicked on our careers page, they now have a recruiter they can talk to to find out if we would be a good fit for them.”

Curious about how chatbots can be leveraged for recruiting? Check out our post: “The Use of Chatbots as a Recruiting Tool.

Employers may have to get creative to hire top talent

“[The] majority of individuals we want are working already and we have to find ways to entice them to take a position with us. It’s challenging, but there are definitely ways around it.”

Martin highlighted three specific things G&A Partners is doing to stay competitive when it comes to recruiting:

  • Being proactive: “We’re making sure that we’re using various job boards and avenues to identify potential candidates. We use job boards and sites like LinkedIn to do passive recruiting. We’re talking to the hiring managers about the companies or competitors they want us to go after to find potential candidates.”
  • Asking current employees for referrals: “If they’re doing a good job, they probably know someone who works for another company in a similar role who could be a good fit for our positions.”
  • Looking for alternative sources of talent: “[We] already hire for interns, but we’re in the process of developing a robust internship program that will also help with finding some workers who can take on some of the workload because we want to keep our staff from getting burned out.”


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