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Focusing Interviews On “Fit” Leads To Better Hires

Create a more meaningful interview experience – for you and the candidate – by focusing on “fit

It’s time for employers to stop asking employees “So, why should we hire you?” says G&A Partners recruiting expert Eleesha Martin in a guest article for HR Technologist

Eleesha Martin, Recruiting Manager, G&A Partners
Eleesha Martin

If you have to ask someone why you should hire them, odds are you’re not going to. Why? Because asking the question outright is ultimately not a very effective way to answer it.

Instead, hiring managers should use a prospective employee’s cumulative performance over the hiring process, taking into consideration experience, technical ability, impressions from other interviewers, and cultural fit.

That’s why we recommend that employers replace “Why should we hire you?” with “Why would you be a good fit for this role?”

Just because someone can do the job doesn’t mean they’d be a good fit. That's why you should make assessing cultural fit a priority in interviews.

How the interview experience changes when hiring managers focus on fit

When asked why an employer should hire them, most candidates will try to answer the question in the way they think the recruiter wants them to, and they may even have a rehearsed answer. Answers to this question are also often focused on things that are readily available in a candidate’s resume (like industry experience, previous projects, technical skills or certifications, and prior achievements).

When asked why they think they’d be a good fit, however, candidates tend to give more genuine answers that help interviewers get a better idea of how that person works and what they prioritize. They’ll likely still mention their qualifications, but they will usually also offer up a more personal reason why they’ve connected with your brand or the role.

Read more about Martin’s thoughts on how focusing on cultural fit can lead to better hires in the full article on the HR Technologist website: “It’s Time to Stop Asking Candidates, ‘Why Should We Hire You?’


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