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INFOGRAPHIC: How To Create A Winning Employee Appreciation Strategy

Tomorrow (Wednesday, April 22), thousands of offices across the country, including G&A Partners, will be observing Administrative Professionals’ Day in order to recognize the all of the hard work that administrators do throughout the year.

Employee appreciation holidays like these are a great opportunity for managers and executives to thank their support staff and do something special for them. Whether your office holds a company-wide celebration or if each manager does something special for their own department assistants or administrators, showing appreciation for the work your employees can have a significant(ly positive) impact on employee engagement and productivity.

While Administrative Professional’s Day is certainly important, managers and employers shouldn’t limit their recognition and appreciation to just one day. In fact, one study found that companies using strategic, ongoing recognition programs are 48 percent more likely to report higher levels of employee engagement. And while a formal, large-scale recognition or appreciation program might seem out of reach or impractical in some workplaces, there are several simple ways for managers to recognize their top-performing employees.

Check out our infographic, “How To Create A Winning Employee Appreciation Strategy” below for more statistics that show the impact that employee appreciation and recognition programs can have your workforce, and four simple ways every manager can recognize all of their employees throughout the year.

(Click on the infographic to view it in your browser)

How To Create A Winning Employee Appreciation Strategy - statistics and strategies

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