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#HRTailgate Preview: What’s Trending in Labor & Employment Law?

What are the biggest labor and employment law trends employers are facing in 2018?

Come engage in our Twitter chat, learn and share your expertise!

Keeping up with the latest in labor and employment law news and enforcement trends can be tough. That’s why our next HR Tailgate will focus on labor and employment law to identify trends that employers should be aware of in 2018 and beyond.

Join us Thursday, June 14, from 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. CT, as we dive into the latest employment law trends!

G&A Partners HR Tailgate Employment Law Trends 2018

The host of this month’s chat is Dave Berndt, one of G&A Partners’ expert client advocates. Our special guest hosts are Kate Tornone, Senior Editor of HR Dive, who has covered employment law as a business-to-business journalist for more than 10 years, and Jon Steingart, Legal Editor at Bloomberg Law, who covers litigation and developments in the field of labor and employment law, including wage-and-hour, workplace discrimination and harassment, and the gig economy.

If you’ve never participated in a Twitter chat, you’ll be surprised at how simple it is to participate. A Twitter chat is a live conversation focused on a topic — for example, in May, the topic was effectively managing a remote team. The chat has eight questions; chat participants can engage in dialogue with chat hosts and other chat participants by answering the questions and using the hashtag #HRTailgate. (Forbes shares everything you need to know about a Twitter chat in this article.)

Want to know what to expect? Get excited and gear up for the chat by visiting the recap of past HR Tailgates: “Creating A Bully-Proof Workplace,” “Coaching Your Employees To Go For The Gold,” “Preparing Your Business for Natural Disasters and Emergencies,” “How Office Environment Impacts Culture and Productivity,” “Cultivate Culture with Leadership Like a Star Coach,” “The Evolution of Employee Benefits,” “Make Your Employees Feel Like MVPs,” “How to Create a Positive, Productive and Purposeful Culture,” and more.

How to participate:

First: Follow your chat hosts on Twitter:

  • Dave Berndt, Client Advocate at G&A Partners – @GAPartners
  • Kate Tornone, Senior Editor at HR Dive – @KateTornone
  • Jon Steingart, Legal Editor at Bloomberg Law – @jonsteingart

Second: Prepare to share your HR knowledge and learn from others with the following questions:

Q1. What are the top employment law trends on your mind right now?

Q2. Which employment laws are most likely to land employers in court? How can they avoid this?

Q3. What are the most frequent mistakes made by employers when it comes to disciplining employees?

Q4. “Off-the-clock” work is a persistent source of litigation for employers. What strategies can employers use to prevent off-the-clock work?

Q5. Movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp have not only pushed not only sexual harassment to the forefront of workplace issues conversations but pay equity as well. How will these movements continue to impact regulatory agencies and employers in 2018 and beyond?

Q6. With the amount of employment-related legislation passed by local jurisdictions (states, cities, counties) increasing, what challenges (or opportunities) does this present for employers?

Q7. What are the best ways for employers to stay up-to-date on ever-evolving employment law trends?

Q8. As the year progresses, what do you think will be the hottest topic for employment law?

Next: End your answers with the hashtag #HRTailgate to participate.

Will you score the winning touchdown during this month’s #HRTailgate chat? We’ll see you on Thursday, June 14!

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