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#HRTailgate Recap: Preparing Your Business for Natural Disasters and Emergencies

How do you make sure your business is prepared for natural disasters and emergencies?

#HRTailgateIn the wake of hurricanes and wildfires throughout the country, we couldn’t help but think about how natural disasters can devastate businesses both small and large.

In October, we took the opportunity to host an #HRTailgate spin-off, #BizTailgate, to help business owners and HR professionals come together to discuss business continuity plans and planning efforts for natural disasters.


G&A Partners’ Vice President of Client Relations, Kim Traylor, took over the G&A Partners Twitter to share her insights along with our special guest host Kathryn Moody, editor of HRDive.

From how to pay employees to implementing emergency notification systems, participants brought fascinating and well-thought ideas to the table.

Did you miss out on the discussion?

Follow us on Twitter @GAPartners to stay updated on our next chat, “Create a Purposeful, Positive, Productive Culture in 2018,” taking place Nov. 16 at 11 a.m. CT.

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