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#HRTailgate Recap: Cultivate Culture with Leadership Like a Star Coach

Another exciting and informative HR Tailgate chat is in the books.

#HRTailgateIn July, we focused our award-winning Twitter chat on how employees can cultivate culture through leadership.

We know managers, like sports coaches, are expected to lead their team to greatness but have you ever thought about the big picture impact leadership can have on an organization’s overall structure and culture?

G&A Partners’ Vice President of Sales John G. Allen took over the G&A Partners Twitter to ask thought provoking questions and share insights. John was joined by special guest hosts Shawn Murphy, CEO of Switch + Shift, author of “The Optimistic Workplace” and keynote speaker; and Jason Lauritsen, author of “Social Gravity: Harnessing the Natural Laws of Relationships,” keynote speaker and consultant at

HR Tailgate - Cultivating Leadership

Miss out on the discussion?

Check out the #HRTailgate recap below and follow us on Twitter @GAPartners to stay updated on our next chat on August 31.

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