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#HRTailgate Preview: Score A Wellness Touchdown

With the beginning of 2016 in full swing, health and fitness goals are topping the to-do lists of many people, and more importantly, many businesses. Workplace wellness programs are a hot topic we feel is more than just a New Year’s resolution trend. In fact, wellness programs are known to increase workplace productivity, decrease employee absenteeism and enhance company culture.

So what are the best practices for creating and measuring a winning wellness program? Our third HR Tailgate, “Score a Wellness Touchdown,” will delve into best practices and how to overcome challenges in order to ensure a thriving workplace wellness program.  Join us on January 21 from 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. CST for an engaging chat led by guest hosts Healthiest Employers, the leading resource in workplace wellness and population health, and Olivia Curtis, G&A Partners’ Wellness Specialist. Learn from our wellness experts and share your knowledge for our third HR Tailgate Twitter chat.

If you’ve never been involved in a Twitter chat, you’ll be surprised at how simple it is to participate. A Twitter chat is a live conversation focused on a topic — for this month, ours is workplace wellness. The chat is guided by nine questions; chat participants can engage in dialogue with chat hosts and other chat participants by answering the questions and using the hashtag #HRTailgate. (Forbes shares everything you need to know about a Twitter chat in this article.)

Want to know what to expect? Get excited and gear up for the chat by checking out the recap of October’s HR Tailgate, “How to Make Your Employees and Teammates Feel Like Star Players,” here or December’s HR Tailgate, “Employee Benefits Game Plan,” here.

How to participate:

First: Follow your chat hosts on Twitter:

Next: Prepare to share your HR knowledge and learn from others with answers to the following questions: 

  • Why are workplace wellness programs important?
  • What is the recipe for a successful workplace wellness program?
  • Is it important to involve employees in the creation/maintenance of your wellness program?
  • What are the greatest challenges of starting and maintaining a wellness program?
  • How do you evaluate the outcomes of your wellness program? Why is data important?
  • What are best practices for measuring the effectiveness of programs and vendors?
  • What are the best ways to reward employees for participating in a wellness program?
  • What are the biggest trends in wellness programs?
  • What are the best ways to create a culture of wellness within an organization?

Then: End your answers with the hashtag #HRTailgate to participate.

We’ll see you on January 21 for #HRTailgate! Chime into our pre-game at 10:45 a.m. CST to get amped up for the hour. Happy tweeting!

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