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#HRTailgate Preview: Cultivate Culture with Leadership Like a Star Coach

Join us for our next HR Tailgate Twitter Chat!

Know what it takes to lead a team to victory and cultivate a winning culture?

Whether you realize it or not, sports team dynamics are comparable to any organization. On the field of business, supervisors play the coaches while employees take on the role of team players, looking to you for inspiration and guidance—for that little push to go for the gold. Leadership is the cornerstone of any great business, so we’re excited to announce that our next HR Tailgate will focus on cultivating culture like a star coach.

Join us July 27, from 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. CST, as will delve into social media’s impact on workplace culture, recruiting, networking, brand building and more. The host of your chat is G&A Partners’ Vice President of Sales, John G. Allen. Our special guest hosts are Shawn Murphy, CEO of Switch + Shift, author of “The Optimistic Workplace” and speaker; and Jason Lauritsen, author of “Social Gravity: Harnessing the Natural Laws of Relationships,” keynote speaker and consultant at

HR Tailgate - Cultivating Leadership

If you’ve never participated in a Twitter chat, you’ll be surprised at how simple it is to participate. A Twitter chat is a live conversation focused on a topic — for this month; ours is leadership. The chat has eight questions; chat participants can engage in dialogue with chat hosts and other chat participants by answering the questions and using the hashtag #HRTailgate. (Forbes shares everything you need to know about a Twitter chat in this article.)

Want to know what to expect? Get excited and gear up for the chat by visiting the recap of past HR Tailgates: “How to Score a Work-Life Balance,” “Gear Up for Workplace Safety,” “HR Law: Avoid Being Out of Bounds,” “2017 Workplace Wellness Plans,” “How to Score a Winning Company Culture,” “Make Your Employees Feel Like MVPs,” and “The Evolution of Employee Benefits.”

How to participate:

First: Follow your chat hosts on Twitter:

  • John G. Allen, G&A Partners Vice President of Sales – @GAPartners
  • Shawn Murphy, CEO of Switch + Shift, Author and Keynote Speaker – @TheShawnMurphy
  • Jason Lauritsen, Keynote Speaker, Author and Consultant at – @JasonLauritsen

 Then: Prepare to share your HR knowledge and learn from others with the following questions:

Q1. What qualities do you associate with a great workplace leader?

Q2. How do leaders shape company culture?

Q3. Outside of culture, what other areas of a business do leaders impact?

Q4. What are best practices for managing a leadership transition within an organization?

Q5. How does leadership turnover impact a company culture?

Q6. What are ways to create a workplace culture of personal accountability?

Q7. What habits do you strive to exhibit to cultivate your company culture and inspire others?

Q8. How can HR help employers develop the next generation of leaders?

Next: End your answers with the hashtag #HRTailgate to participate.

Will you score the winning touchdown during this month’s #HRTailgate chat?

We’ll see you on Thursday, July 27!

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